What is an incentive?

Never heard of an incentive trip? You have no clue what to do with the ‘how-what-why’? Don’t sweat it. In a few moments we explain what the purpose is of an incentive, what kind of incentives, who has the benefits of such a trip and why you should start organizing it today! 

What is an incentive?

Incentives are part of a group which we call MICE (meeting, incentives, conferences and events). Incentives include particularly travelling and meetcentives and are tailor-made. They can be adapted to everyone’s budget and in this way, every enterprise can organize an incentive. 

What is the focus and target audience for an incentive?

The focus with an incentive is mainly the entertainment aspect and nice activities, good food and networking opportunities. There’s less focus on work or training. In general, the goal is to reward or motivate the participants. We want to make sure they have an unforgettable experience. 

An incentive can be organized for different target groups. The most common target audiences are retailers, representatives, employees, customers, prospects and dealers or resellers. 

What kind of incentives are there? 

There exist a lot of different kind of incentives, each with their specific goal or purpose.
These purposes can be combined of course. 
Some examples:  
–       Rewarding loyal customers or sale representatives
–       Motivating the team
–       Improving the group spirit and commitment
–       Celebrating a jubilee
–       Launching a new product
–       Announcing some changes 

What’s in it for me?

Organizing an incentive implicates some kind of investment. This investment should be meaningful and rewarding. Therefore, we sum up the benefits of organizing an incentive down below.
Benefits for the employers:

–       Facilitate the network and communication possibilities.
–       Stimulate social interaction
–       Reinforce company loyalty for the purpose of employer branding
–       Boosting the productivity and with that increasing the revenue
Benefits for employees:

–       The feeling that they are appreciated 
–       An ego-boost 
–       Discovering new cultures
–       Getting to know customers or colleagues in a different, more personal way
–       Experience a unique trip, something they couldn’t organize themselves. 

Do you want to adapt your incentive at your target audience with a clear purpose? We would like to help, that way your incentive doesn’t let its purpose slip away!

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