A surprising incentive trip in the USA

In this incentive trip, we combine two iconic cities in the US to make one unforgettable experience. We begin in San Francisco, one of America’s most vibrant cities. The city of the Golden Gate Bridge show us all its hidden treasures and beauty in a relatively short time during a unique exploratory trip.

After our stay in San Francisco, we take the plane to Las Vegas. On arrival, we are met by a limousine and begin a “once in a lifetime” trip over The Strip. We lose ourselves in this colourful and buzzing city. Nevada is about more than just Las Vegas, however. That’s why we will also travel to the natural splendours of Death Valley and Lake Mead.


Cycle ride over Golden Gate Bridge
Fish burgers on Fisherman’s Wharf
A trip on the iconic cable car in San Francisco
We travel to the Hoover Dam on a speedboat
Overnight stay on the Strip in Las Vegas
Self-drive through Death Valley with SUVs


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