First aid at incentives, also in case of emergencies!

We prepare our incentives travels and events very carefully. We have multiple eyes going through every detail. Every contract gets turned over several times. We tick our check list endless. We are prepared. At every detail. Until a participant cuts his finger while opening oysters… at this kind of situations it isn’t possible to be equally prepared as at the scheme. Or still? Read how Upgraded learned First aid at incentives and emergencies.

In which ways can we prepare ourselves better in case of an emergency at an incentive of event? 

We think it is crucial that our colleagues who are assisting an incentive or event can help with first aid. 

That is why we have decided to train al our colleagues in first aid. We signed up for a 2-day training ‘Basic Training Emergency response officer’ organized by Mensura.

After 2 days of intensive practice on manikins, putting bandages on other trainees and absorbing a lot of theoretical knowledge we can conclude we are ready to conquer the world and help in chaotic and stressful emergency situations.

What did we learn? 

  • CPR
  • Take care of regular wounds (such as cutting or burning wounds)
  • Transport victims
  • Dealing with fractures and torn muscles 
  • Knowledge of the basic emergency kit

Yes, we got our certification in the pocket! 

Al our colleagues can call themselves a certificated aid worker from now on.

You can rely on the assistants from Upgraded who can handle safe and correct in emergency situations in expectation of professional help. Your participants are in good ‘first aid hands’

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