To the rhythm of the island

Ibiza is an island that perfectly succeeds in enthralling both huge crowds of clubbers and bohemians as well as tourists, one way or another. It is a unique, liberal island that forms the epicentre of the world clubbing scene in the summer months, but is also a place where you can enjoy unspoilt bays, rugged landscapes and pristine villages in the interior.

Here people still live to nature’s rhythm. This incentive trip allows us to experience these very different facets of the island: a trendy luxury stay, unspoilt beaches, culinary surprises, inspiring trips, hippy culture etc.


Exploring the island with a 2CV
Cycling trip on the island of Formentera
Dinner at sunset with your feet in the sand
We ride to an exclusive beach club in a speedboat
Souvenir shopping at a traditional hippy market
Farewell party at a trendy beach club


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