Freezing incentive adventure

Moscow unquestionably appeals to the imagination. We therefore begin our mysterious incentive trip on the Red Square. After that, we go hunting for Russian traditions and taste caviar, vodka and a typical Borscht soup as the locals would do. We also find astonishing greatness in the iconic Kremlin and imposing architecture.

However, there is more to Moscow than just history and architecture. It is also a trendy city with a vibrant nightlife.
After we have discovered all its aspects, we venture further to Lake Baikal. It is the world’s deepest lake and is characterised by transparent ice in the winter period. Our incentive adventure on the ice begins here!


Caviar and vodka tasting in an ice bar
Private visit to the Kremlin and walk on Red Square
Lunch with astronauts during a visit to their training centre
Cossack show in underground bunker
Drive with Jeeps and snow scooters over Lake Baikal
Lunch in a traditional yurt


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