Winter Wonderland

Lapland is the region in Northern Europe that lies above the Arctic Circle in parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Its residents are the ‘Sami’. The immense snow plains, frozen lakes and never-ending pine forests serve up a setting that you will never forget.

In the winter months, Lapland offers a nice alternative for the classic skiing vacation. There are so many sensational attractions that you won’t find anywhere else. We wrap ourselves up in several layers of warm clothing and dive into this winter wonderland with husky rides, reindeer ranches and snow scooters. Perhaps we will even get a chance to admire the magnificent colours of the polar light. You can count on an unforgettable incentive trip!


Husky ride with a warming snack in a Kota
Cruising with snow scooters over thick layers of snow
Take an ice dive during an Arctic sauna experience
Tuck into Lappish cuisine
Unique dinner in an ice restaurant
Competition on a private ice karting track


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