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Noémie graduated as a Master in Architecture and has been working as an architect for a number of years. In the meantime she has undertaken some adventurous backpacker trips together with her friends. She has had the travel bug since childhood and has never truly lost it. That is why she decided to pursue her passion and join Upgraded as a project manager. Her creative mindset and way of thinking outside the box – together with her eternal smile and cool personality – make Noémie an extremely popular colleague. Definitely one we can continue to build on!

Her passions

Spending quality time with friends and family
Expressing herself both physically and creatively in her weekly modern dance training
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With us you will only see exceptionally motivated and competent employees with strong expertise in travel incentives. We have all consciously and enthusiastically chosen this job. Some team members even made a 180° career switch to be able to be at your service. Only smiling faces at Upgraded!

You are valued by our team and we will gladly meet your wishes. We offer a large number of extras that make our global approach almost unrivalled.

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CSR – Foodstep Uganda

Flemish couple Nathalie and Werner and Dutch lady Mariska have made it their mission to take children from the children’s prison in the Ugandan capital of Kampala and bring them into their own refuge: the Foodstep Home. In addition, they do everything in their power to improve living conditions in the children’s prison and offer all kids a bright future.

Upgraded even visited non-profit project Foodstep Uganda itself and was able to see with its own eyes all the things that the project has already been able to achieve. The impact of this project’s sponsors is undeniable.

Upgraded is therefore happy to make its own contribution to help out the organisers with the further expansion of a warm home. That is why we give our customers the choice of gifting €1 per trip or m+eating participant. We double that amount and are happy to donate it to this fantastic project.

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