M+eating combines inspiring meetings with culinary experiences

On top of organizing incentive travels, we have now elaborated a few very special concepts for you, within the world of the meetcentives.

A meetcentive is a combination of a meeting and an incentive. On the one hand, it turns your seminar into a much more attractive event and on the other hand, it stimulates the interaction with the participants in a very positive manner.


In all our concepts, the meetings, trainings or inspiring keynotes are combined with exceptional culinary experiences, each time at a unique location.


We always plan half a day for the meeting.
Your meeting time can, if you so wish, be spent on one of the trainings that we are able to offer through our partner U-consult.
You may also use the services of a keynote speaker at your meeting, for which we work hand in hand with our partner Read-my-Lips.
The remains of the day can be spent in function of the selected theme.

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